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Ryan Wratchford DDS
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Cleanings, checkups, fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, partials, implants, repairs... just the basics... no top secret techniques... no outrageously expensive procedures... no complicated explanations.  Just good old-fashioned family dentistry right here in Cumberland MD.
Never pushy... no sales tactics.  We present you with multiple options for your dental care, including the most basic.  It's totally your decision which care is right for you.  We care about you and promise to treat you just like we would want to be treated...fairly and with respect.

Dentist Cumberland, MD
If you are located in or near Frostburg , LaVale ,  or Cumberland , you are a short drive to the dentist.
Dr. Ryan Wratchford is a general dentist.
Family Values Dental Care is located in Lavale MD minutes from Frostburg and Cumberland .  
Our location across from the LaVale library makes going to the dentist convenient for anyone living in LaVale , Frostburg , or Cumberland .
Safe Removal of Silver Fillings
Safe removal of amalgam (mercury/silver) fillings with high volume evacuation, copious water irrigation, and high-speed/sectioned removal.  You can be confident that when you have your silver fillings removed, it is done in a safe environment.
Tooth-Colored Fillings
We do not place silver ugly dark fillings!  We use tooth-colored (white) fillings made of the most modern composite resin materials available in dentistry.  All our fillings are bonded in place, meaning there is practically no way they can "fall out".  Since they are bonded, composite fillings actually reinforce the tooth rather than weaken it as many silver fillings do.  

White fillings require an extra level of care in their placement technique.  For this reason, you should choose a dentist who has experience placing lots of these restorations and has been around long enough to know the best materials to use and the best techniques for success.  Dr. Wratchford has performed this procedure thousands of times in the Cumberland area over the past 12 years and has spend countless hours studying the latest and best methods.    

We offer the most proven whitening method available... take-home trays.  With this technique, your natural teeth will become as white as possible with minimal sensitivity.  You are in total control of the whitening result.

The starting shade of your teeth has an important role in the effectiveness of teeth whitening.  If your teeth have a yellow tint, whitening will likely produce a dramatic result.  If, however, your teeth have a grey/brown tint, even the most powerful whitening methods can be disappointing.  Before beginning a whitening treatment, we will discuss with you the probable effectiveness of the treatment and make recommendations accordingly.
Porcelain Crowns
One of the most beautiful, long-lasting dental restorations is a porcelain crown.  New porcelain chemistry developed over the last decade has dramatically improved strength and beauty.  We use computerized laboratory processes to fabricate beautiful crown restorations.
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Digital X-Rays
Our digital panoramic x-ray machine shows a broad overview of your teeth usng a minimal amount of radiation.  With digital scanning technology, you can see your x-rays on our computer screens.
Gentle Care
If you've tried bleaching your teeth with a whitening toothpaste or whitening strips, you've probably been disappointed.  While these methods are great for a small improvement or a touch up, professional teeth whitening can be far superior in actual results.
Ryan Wratchford DDS
Cumberland, Maryland
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